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Mission Statement

Walk for Iraq is an impartial, independent and neutral global movement whose exclusive humanitarian mission is to organise sponsored walks and fundraising initiatives for charitable organisations throughout Iraq. It also supports the humanitarian assistance of millions displaced inside and outside of the country.


Walk for Iraq was initially pioneered by Nadia Al-Shadhir in June 2007 with a group of enthusiastic walkers in the United Kingdom to fund life saving activities in Iraq. Due to its success, the movement was later picked up in New Zealand and Canada carrying out to-date 8 successful walks and 6 initiatives. All the raised funds were donated to the work of well established non-government organizations (NGO’s) for Iraqis in need.

A total amount of 172,624 USD has so far been raised through private and non-corporate donations and distributed to: International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Iraq Appeal fund of the Canadian Red Cross, Refugees International for the Iraqi Refugees, UNICEF’s emergency relief fund for Iraqi children, Iraqi Christians In Need (ICIN), UK , The Iraqi Orphan Foundation, UK and Help The Needy Charitable Trust, UK . Please click here for a breakdown report.

Future Vision

Walk for Iraq has successfully grown to be an annual event and it is now moving to other cities around the world:



Boston, USA
Chicago, USA
Kansas, USA
Los Angeles, USA
New York, USA
Washington DC, USA

Click here to see our video.

Our future vision and aim is globalising the spirit of the walk to generate more funds for humanitarian assistance and raise more awareness of the sufferings of the Iraqi people.

Global Team


Nadia Yazen
Nadia Al-Shadhir: believes in making a difference by raising awareness and helping those less fortunate. Her life mission is to change the lives of Iraqis to the better and promote peace and unity.  
Yazen Al-Safi: believes that our walkathons must not end until every child, orphan and refugee has a home. Together we can bring hope & the opportunity of a brighter future to the suffering of our beloved land.  
Yasser Saba

Yasser Al-Astarabadi: believes that putting a smile on a orphan's face, lighting hope in a widow's heart and giving treatment to a disabled one, is a way forward to a happier  life

Lamees Ibrahim: believes that Iraq is part of the air she breathes and the blood that runs through her veins. Whenever it needs her, she will be there to help the best she can.

Saba Asaad
Saba Issa: believes that everybody deserves a chance to live a safe, happy and healthy life. Together with every Walk For Iraq event, we get to provide this chance for those who need it most.

Asaad Al-Shadhir: believes that he can give his country and it's people a better life and a secure future.

Zainab Shnyin: believes for a chance of peace, unity and prosperity in Iraq.



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